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Anemone Reef


Anemone Reef lies just a short distance to the north of Shark Point. When you descend beneath the surface you will soon see how this dive site got its name.

There are thousands of sea anemone covering this coral pinnacle that rises from a depth of 25 meters to 4 meters beneath the surface. Leopard sharks are also a feature of this dive.


Shark point is a small rock outcrop to the south east of Phuket. Shark point is one of the most popular dive sites made famous for its resident leopard sharks and moray eels.

Shark point is made up of a series of coral pinnacles rising from a sandy bottom of 20 meters to within 3 to 4 meters from the surface. These coral pinnacles are covered with soft corals and are home to a multitude of tropical marine life.

Shark PointKO DOK MAI

Ko Dok Mai is a lime stone cliff island that soars majestically out of the sea to form a spectacular wall dive.

The eastern side is a wall dive with a depth of 25 to 30 meters. The wall is covered with tube corals and gorgonian sea fans. There are underwater caves and a variety of schooling fish.

The western side slopes gradually from 3 to 25 meters. There are large barrel sponge and often sightings of moray eels.

Shark PointKO RACHA

Racha is a beautiful tropical island only 10 miles to the south of Phuket. And 55 minutes on one of our high-speed dive and snorkel vessels from our marina base on the east cost of Phuket.

The cruise takes you sightseeing along the coast of Phuket then across an open stretch of water to Racha.

The eastern side boasts clear water with good health hard corals. Bungalow bay situated on the northern point is a popular site offering something for everyone. A beautiful sandy beach with excellent swimming and snorkeling just off the beach. The dive sites are at the entrance to the bay with a good variety of corals. Depth ranges from 6 to 25 meters.


Phi Phi island is one of the most famous destination in the area. Situated 26 miles south east of our east cost marina departure point. We can have there in just 1-hour 5minutes.

The island is well known for its spectacular scenery and clear waters, ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Phi Phi Lae lies to the south and was made famous for the Hollywood movie "The Beach" staring Leonardo Di Caprio.

Phi Phi IslandsThere are many dive and snorkel sites to choose from offering conditions suitable for all levels of diver and snorkeler.

Similan island Similandisland


The Similan Islands lie approximately 48 miles north west of Phuket and just 1 hour 50 minute onboard one of our high-speed vessels.

This group of nine small islands form part of Thailand’s national parks and remain unspoilt by development.

There are many dive and snorkel locations to choose from, all of which have good corals and fish life.

The crystal clear water, unspoiled coral reefs and the snow-white beaches make the similan islands a paradise above and bellow water.

A place definitely not to be missed.


The Sea King vessel in its earlier days was a passenger ferry that was used for many years to transfer passengers between Phuket and Phi Phi island.

On the 4th May 1997 the vessel ran aground and sank while on route to Phi Phi. All passengers and crew were transferred to other vessels and thankfully no one was injured. This unfortunate accident turned out to be a scuba divers dream.

The vessel now sits upright on a sandy bottom of 30 meters, while the cabin top is only 12 meters bellow the surface. The overall length of this vessel is 87 meters, with a beam of 25 meters.

The wreck soon became home to many species of marine life. Schooling bait fish, lionfish and pelagic are all common sights on this great dive site.
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